Design Is About Solving Problems . . .

Design Is About Solving Problems . . .

not just wrapping cool tech in pretty,” continues Bobby Goodlatte.

Bobby Goodlatte is writing regarding Ogo Technology – a super interesting company trying to take Segway-style technology and applying it to create a new generation “wheelchair”  — and you really need to take a look at it to understand the quotes! They realized the Segway’s unique technology and re-directed the features towards a community wanting the freedom, flexibility and ease-of-use offered by a redesigned platform.

Embrey Mill — highlighting lifestyle

Here at CPS, we like to think our interactive touchscreen system, SalesTouch, takes the same approach to utilizing creative, engaging and meaningful design while satisfying the information needs and usability requirements necessary to support a wide-range of new home shoppers.

Take a look at several of our projects: do you know what to expect when an item is selected? Does the design make your curious about what is behind the button? Can we start the interaction?

Harbour Isle — focus on multigenerational living

Compare the presentations to a brochure; do you see how easy it is to find desired information? Do your appreciate being able to learn about surrounding neighborhood amenities?

Interactive touchscreen systems have evolved over the last 5 years.  Initially, it was all about the technology.  Today, successful deployment of interactive digital signage is based upon creating emotional connections between the business and consumer — and satisfying the consumer’s need for emotionally-oriented stories and information.

Interested in learning how you can add design and storytelling to your sales office experience? Contact CPS for details.

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