Customer Service: Expand Beyond Vanilla!!

Customer Service: Expand Beyond Vanilla!!

Chip Bell Talks Out of the Box About Customer Service

Chip Bell, a well-known authority on customer loyalty and service innovation, has some interesting thoughts regarding customer service:

Outside the box customer service = retention, referrals!

Make Service Neopolitan, Not Vanilla!

Bell suggests: Walk on the wild side with your customers! In other words, provide a customer experience that is not only good but innovative — which translates to meet customer expectations and then go for the unexpected!

Innovative Service Brings Rewards

What’s interesting about customer service, from Bell’s perspective, is a quality service experience will be met with customer loyalty and Tweets, referrals and all sorts of positive items for the organization.

Homebuilder Opportunities to Deliver More

How can you step out of that Vanilla box
  1. Key customer service terms: quick, consistent and measurable! Do you know the average age of your homeowner warranty request? Can you drill down and find out how many times broken windows were installed in your community? Information (or, data) is key to being able to provide consistent, quality service.
  2. Make your warranty process frictionless! Does your homeowner need to call between 8-5? Or, submit a written list of issues? How many times does your team trade voicemail messages? Do they know what’s scheduled? Keeping homeowners informed is the single best way to obtain referrals!
  3. Keep your vendors in the loop, 24/7 — and make that process as easy as possible. Typically, vendors have their own processes and you can’t really customize yours for each of theirs so make sure your vendors have everything they need anywhere/anytime, 24/7. Work orders, drawings, photos, contact info.

Software Will Help!

Homebuilder customer service is a day-in/day-out process. You’ll want to have tools to expedite the heavy lifting so it’s possible to move beyond vanilla!

Frictionless is 24/7 Homeowner Access!

CPS WarrantyWatcher provides cloud-based warranty management that’s available 24/7 on all platforms (tablet, phone, desktop) so your team and vendors are able to respond quickly. And, your homeowners get a seamless process, too with 24/7 access to submit and monitor their requests!

Visit CPS at PCBC 2019

We’ll be showcasing WarrantyWatcher at PCBC 2019 May 30-31; visit us at Booth 141! Or, reach out to us and we’ll schedule a one-on-one demo.

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