Customer Journey Planning…Nurture Your Customer’s Experience

Customer Journey Planning…Nurture Your Customer’s Experience

Are you familiar with the concept of Customer Journey Planning?

Think of the customer journey as a roadmap detailing how a customer becomes aware of and their interactions with your brand.  It’s the sum of all the experiences your customers encounter when experiencing your company.

What are you doing to Nurture Your Customer’s Journey?

In other words, this roadmap has a lot of ground to cover! And, unpacking the customer journey will help you nurture (and, ultimately, maximize) the customer experience.

Here’s a sample: imagine you’re a retail coffee shop:

     — Your potential customer is driving from home to work and sees your store (that’s the first opportunity to understand the customer experience: signage: is it visible, prominent, enticing?). Or, was there already a missed opportunity via website, FaceBook, Twitter?
     — The customer walks in (opportunity: can they easily locate the door, is it easy to walk in and see what is available?)
     — Your employee greets the customer (opportunity: does this greeting actually happen and is it friendly, knowledgeable and helpful?)
     — Then, the product is ordered and delivered (opportunity: how readable is that menu? is it easy to place an order? what is the packaging? appealing? maintains temperature?) and paid for (opportunity: how is the payment processed? easily? latest technology?).
     — The customer leaves with your coffee (opportunity: did your server offer food? are there POS items? anything else enhancing the exit process?).
     — Any followup to this purchase? (opportunity: a receipt with survey info? customer loyalty program? any motivators to generate return visits?)

That’s just one scenario — and, if you’re not maximizing the opportunity to understand your customer’s mindset, you might be selling both your product and brand short.

Of course, every customer’s journey will be slightly different; you’ll want to note actions, motivators, questions and obstacles.  Take another look at the Whole Foods Customer Comment Board at the start of this blog: how does this enhance a customer’s journey?

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