Customer Experience is Everything!

Customer Experience is Everything!

A recent Digital Signage Today commentary suggested the phrase “the customer is king” has evolved into a more holistic concept: “the customer experience is everything!

SalesTouch: dynamic and effective customer engagement!

More and more, companies are recognizing there needs to be a particular focus on cross-channel experiences that engage customers.  

Microsoft recently reported the average human loses focus after 8 seconds (a rather precipitous decline from the 12 second attention span of 2000)! Technology is perceived as a driving factor behind this change. Did you know goldfish have a 9 second attention span?

How to attract and maintain customer focus in this environment so your customer experience is maximized? Is digital signage that tool — or just more distraction?

Digital signage has the capability to jump out and grab attention — even in today’s short attention span world. Take a look at the Cornerstone Communities SalesTouch interactive touchscreen image above; wouldn’t you like to find out how you could live at this community?

What does your reaction this tell us? Marketing strategy and content — regardless of the product or location — has to stand out to grab a consumer’s attention.  Companies need to plan how to grab attention in advance. Who is the audience? What type of content will reach them? What are their motivators? What sorts of benefits can be displayed in those 8 seconds?

Video is a good example of the need for thorough analysis: if there’s a 30-second video, most people won’t watch. But..if it can be broken down into 5-second segments, you’re within the Microsoft-reported sweet spot!

Another key take-away is content is critical:  consumers will notice changing displays (vs. static signage, as an example — or even an interactive presentation with just a single message). Cornerstone’s presentation revolves images — some focused on lifestyle, others on community.

CPS has been providing interactive touchscreen presentations to home builders for 10 years; let us help you design dynamic content and presentations that maximize your home shopper customer experience!

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