CRM 2.0: Helping Homebuilder Agents Become Better Salespeople

CRM 2.0: Helping Homebuilder Agents Become Better Salespeople

No doubt you’ve heard the expression, “Now, there is a born salesperson!”

Have you really thought about that statement? Who really is born a sales person?  Or, an engineer, software developer or nurse, for that matter?  From a practical standpoint, people are born; everything after that, it can be argued, is based upon learning and choices.

Robert Clay, in his Marketing Wizdom blog, suggests that, while everyone utilizes selling skills in one way or another, very few salespeople have had formal training in selling technique or strategy.  And, too much of even formal training, he feels, is merely passing information from one person to another in a corporate setting.  Clay goes on to say, “Effective selling is not just a matter of a sales spiel, having the gift of gabor or using manipulative techniques.”

Rather, Clay says, “Effective selling is a process of leading, guiding, educating and directing your buyers.”  And, that’s where an effective CRM system helps!

How can your sales agents lead, guide, educate or direct without some form of organization?  How can they keep track of who received a follow-up phone call or wanted more information about the school district?  And, the effective salesperson knows each prospect’s needs and wants — but very few can remember all of them after a day or two — or, more importantly, a month!

CRM can bring organization and consistency to not only an organization — but every participating salesperson.  It will help your agents communicate with prospects, nurture them, identify the best prospects and provide ongoing information oriented towards making a purchase decision.

Interested in how your agents can become better salespeople and increase sales?  We’d be happy to demo CRM 2.0 and talk about the power of the process!

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