Creating Effective Customer Experiences Using Technology

Creating Effective Customer Experiences Using Technology

Take a look at the photo attached to this blog: doesn’t it seem that the technology employed at the sales office is doing its job? The home shoppers are comfortably engaged in exploring and finding out more about the product!

CPS SalesTouch: Helping home shoppers engage and interact!

And, doesn’t that statement address what James Bickers, Contributing Editor at suggests are the goals of a successful customer experience:

  • accomplish the task at hand; and
  • make the customer feel good about how it is accomplished.
Bickers goes on to say that the task (in this case, introducing home shoppers to a new community, its amenities and floor plans) might be to speed up a transaction, solve a problem or… just give the customer a great time. 
We’d like to think the SalesTouch interactive presentation meets all three of these objectives in an engaging, easy-to-use manner.  Bickers goes on to say:

Customers are increasingly aware of the physical and emotional context in which products and services are delivered.  This is the customer experience — and it is something businesses ignore at their own peril. 

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