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Engage Your Community and Create Memorable Home Shopper Experiences with Social Media Wall

An engaging, ever-changing display of shared customer experiences, CPS’ Social Media Wall allows you and your audience to create a new type of digital story. Take your marketing messages and display it side-by-side with consumer generated content, such as photos and videos, from popular social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. The result? A shared, creative process fostering an ongoing, engaging customer experience.

Social Media Wall takes corporate content and media, both still photography and video, and integrates its display with consumer social media input, curated through an administrative website.

Social Media Wall Features

  • Maximize your customer experience
  • Encourage visitors to post with special #Hashtags
  • Curate lifestyle images from Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
  • Display custom images and branded messaging
  • Exciting animated photo transitions
  • Bring social marketing to your location!


Ideal for a Wide Range of Venues:

By harnessing and optimizing the excellent social media content created by customers, builders and developers can more effectively engage other potential home buyers. Encourage home shoppers to get involved in the conversation with these tips:


1) Develop a Hashtag and Promote it

A word or phrase, a hashtag can be used to express emotions, promote events and identify topics. Develop an easy-to-remember community-specific hashtag that, if possible, isn’t being used by others (search to see). When home shoppers search for your hashtag, you want them ideally to see only posts related to your community. Your community name could be the best tag. Once you have established a hashtag, use it in your own posts and tweets.


2) Use Lots of Visuals

Homebuilding is a natural for visuals. Home shoppers don’t just want to hear about the awesome clubhouse, they want to see it! Grab a camera and take photos of homes in progress, happy new home owners, the amazing kitchen in your model, dogs frolicking in the dog park and home owners gathered at community events, then post them using your hashtag.


3) Run Contests and Use Voting

Take a look at our Social Media Wall case studies. Developers encourage home shoppers to join the conversation with a personalized slogan, for instance “Show us your #WendellFalls”. This is a great way to get people involved and get more consumer-generated content for Social Media Wall. To maximize involvement, try running a contest with a theme. Winners can be selected randomly or from photos that best show the community’s lifestyle.

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