CPS QuikLine — up and running!

CPS QuikLine — up and running!

Have you ever really thought how much time you spend waiting in line?  Here at CPS, we’ve been thinking a lot about lines, queues, queue theory and how specially designed software and appropriate hardware can enhance the process.

Opening Day!  There was a lot to wait in line for!

It’s been said that today’s competitive retail environment is pushing the envelope to enhance the last stage of the purchase process: the checkout line.

The concept of “queue management” has emerged as retailers work to enhance the customer experience while improving store efficiency and generating additional revenue from their properties.  Completing the “last transaction” in a timely and engaging fashion is finally being recognized as an important aspect of the consumer shopping experience.

No one likes waiting unnecessarily (so..reducing “wait time” is a winner for both shopper and retailer!) but there are other components associated with improving the “last transaction” that savvy retailers recognize: decreasing the number of “walk-aways”, adding one or more “impulse buy” locations, and adding randomness to reduce register “no counts.”

CPS’ QuikLine was developed to provide several unique components to automated queue management: use of over-the-counter hardware (monitor, controllers, sound), integration with third-party applications (think: cash registers so QuikLine recognizes when a cashier is free), multimedia reminders (monitor, voice and display lights) and the ability to display promotional video and messaging. 

First installation: done & we’ll be talking more about it!

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