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It's true: the wooden suggestion box is past its prime. As is the passive cork comment board. That doesn't mean retailers aren't interested in getting in  touch with their customers, soliciting opinions and providing feedback.

Customer Comment Board


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Customer Comment Board - An Interactive Retail Customer Experience

CPS' touchscreen-based Customer Comment Board acts as a proactive customer service process. Retail shoppers are asked to submit comments, suggestions, and ideas. They're empowered, given a platform and might even provide ideas for new products, initiatives and improvements.

Take a closer look at the Board -- there's all sorts of customer engagement initiatives combined into a single board designed to enhance the shopping experience:

  • The shopper's Leave a Comment section
  • A store events calendar with pop-up details available at a touch
  • Streaming video content
  • Weekly Specials display
  • Connections with social media

Comment Board Case Study

Read the case study to find out more about proactive customer engagement!

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