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Facilitates effective and efficient interaction with leads, prospects and home buyers

CRM software lets companies record and track every interaction with their customers. Homebuilders receive leads from a variety of sources – their website, 3rd party platforms and sales office visitors. CPS • CRM starts the process there – recording every interaction, regardless of the source – anywhere and anytime. It’s easy-to-use and capable of extensive customization to meet a builder’s specific needs. You’ll be able to leverage the collected information to sell more homes and communicate more effectively with your home shoppers.

  • Captures leads from multiple sources
  • Sends automated responses and notifies sales team
  • Offers detailed registration card
  • Provides customized profile questions
  • Associates co-op agents with specific prospects
  • Offers standard and custom ratings
  • Recording leads/prospects is first step for ongoing, customized contact management


CRM Prospect Card input from builder website, touchscreen or sales agent.

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