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You’ve collected information about your leads, prospects and buyers…now what?

That’s where CPS • CRM really helps you get in contact, stay in contact and move the relationship forward. You’re able to record phone calls, log emails, send text messages and record important information in a customer-specific log – and use that information to follow-up with automated, targeted activities.

  • Provides ability to log all activity (phone calls, emails, in-person visits)
  • Offers user-defined, easy-to-view grids to view prospects and most recently completely follow-up
  • Supports integrated mass marketing programs
  • Offers one-off and automated follow-up activities
  • Provides for targeted follow-up (email only A-listed prospects, for example)
  • Contains an email template library
  • Includes integration with Outlook (Office 365)


CRM follow-up email template.

CRM follow-up email template.

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