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CPS • CRM Feature Spotlight: Co-op Agents and Millennials

Don’t underestimate the power of your Co-op Agents! Studies show that they are a key tool in marketing homes to the nation’s largest living generation, Millennials. In fact, a recent Venture Capitalist article, Millennials are Buying Their First Homes and Here's What They Want, highlighted the fact that 90% of millennials used a co-op agent to buy a home. Furthermore, 68% interviewed only 1 agent. Read the feature spotlight.


CPS • CRM Feature Spotlight: Prospects, Diversity, and Co-op Agents

We are all aware of the great diversity of America’s population today, but what many have not considered is that a diverse population means a diverse home buyer demographic, as well. In fact, Jim Park, President of the Asian Real Estate Association of America, noted that, when hearing people talk about prospect diversity, the Asian community is frequently missed. He comments, "The last category usually is 'other.' Well, the 'other' community has a lot of people." Read the feature spotlight.

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