Consumerization of IT — does that mean your organization, too?

Consumerization of IT — does that mean your organization, too?

Ray Wang recently published a great article in the July Harvard Business Review, Coming to Terms with the Consumerization of IT.  He pointed out that many corporate staffers work around computer technologies provided by their corporate IT department because they’re easy to use and, frequently, push the technology envelope sooner.

SalesTouch: a 6S product providing the competitive edge!

A key point was that business leaders are driving technology purchasing.  Non-IT staff are hunting for applications that make sense for their business objectives and customers.  

Because, after all, you’re the one responsible for the strategic advantage, the competitive edge, aren’t you?

Wang mentions there’s potential for “danger” with a business-driven approach to technology: that it might be less structured, orderly and efficient.  Of course, no one wants bug-infested, inefficient or incomplete products so..what’s a business to do?  What about integration requirements, process management and all those IT services?

Wang suggests a couple of critical points: business and IT leaders need to realize consumerization is today and there’s no going back.  Work together so your tech solutions meet the 6 “S” principles: simple, scalable, safe, secure, sustainable and sexy!!

Take a look at SalesTouch as a 6S product — built upon Microsoft SQL Server and .NET technology delivers scalable, safe,secure and sustainable; CPS design and development delivers the simple and sexy components!

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