Construction Technology: Providing the Extra Edge

Construction Technology: Providing the Extra Edge

What does an automated construction scheduling system offer a homebuilder? Are construction managers getting extra value from smart phones and tablets on the job site?

FieldCollaborateMobileTools for more effective field personnel

Of course, there are the basics: consistent scheduling and tracking, notifications to subcontractors, management reporting, automated payment notifications, punch lists, safety assessments.  Those are the factual aspects of an automated system.

Then, there are the impacts of the process: more effective field personnel (as they’re not spending so much time talking when technology can notify, remind and cajole), more efficient subcontractors (because they know when to arrive, what to do and when schedules are changed), decreased cycle times, increased carry rates, fewer dry runs.

Technology alone won’t grow your sales or build homes.  As BZ Riger-Hull says, it is “designed to automate, simplify and expedite the things you want to accomplish.”  Technology is most effective when designed for tasks that are consistent, measurable and defined — a very good definition of homebuilder construction processes. 

And, technology is able to provide extended benefits in terms of data capture and analysis.  Do you know which subs are most frequently late?  Which ones don’t leave a clean work area?  Do certain subs provide consistent first-time yield?

And, think about inviting your subcontractors into your system. Wouldn’t they like 24/7 access to schedules, changes, drawings and contacts? As they become more efficient, your process improves, as well!

Take at look at CPS FieldCollaborate and FieldCollaborateMobile: technology designed to provide your team with effective and easy-to-use technology for job-site and corporate personnel. 

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