Construction Field Managers: “Tablet Revolution” includes you!

Construction Field Managers: “Tablet Revolution” includes you!


Smartphones and tablets are changing the way almost every business does business.

The reasons vary but we can say that communication is at the heart — whether you’re presenting beautiful products,  providing information for off-site employees, doublechecking a phone number, photographing a problem … business uses are as varied as the number of businesses. 

Construction field managers have had the opportunity to utilize mobile devices (remember PDA’s?) for several years.  There wasn’t a “standard” environment across devices, however, so scheduling programs typically had to be designed for a specific mobile device.  If you didn’t have the “right” device…you’d either have to change or add another device to your toolbelt!

Now, widespread acceptance of iOS and Android smart phones/tablets have encouraged/enabled developers to design for a large portion of the market.  Yes, there are others but — at least for now — iOS and Android are the major smartphone/tablet operating environments; lots of construction personnel already have them and scheduling programs need to be available across both platforms.

Why should Field Managers get enthused about CPS’ new cross-platform FieldConnect Mobile? First, they’re able to use phones and tablets they already have — no additional expense.  Then, they can starting improving both their business processes and communications.  Current FieldConnectMobile builder clients report measurable critical business benefits: decreased cycle times and increased carry rates.  And, there are the “softer-side” benefits, too: ease-of-use, access to buyer/vendor data on the jobsite, better communications with vendors and the ability to incorporate “built-in” features such as cameras and voice recognition. 

We like to talk about “connectivity” — and there are many components to that phrase.  FieldConnect Mobile changes the construction “connectivity” game with anytime/anywhere scheduling that works on virtually all of today’s smartphones and tablets.  And, we’ll be demonstrating these benefits at NAHB’s IBS2012 in Orlando next month!

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