Construction Data Portals: Immediate Collaboration

Construction Data Portals: Immediate Collaboration

Are you familiar with the concept of a Portal — sometimes referred to as a neutral platform in the cloud?

Portals provide users with the ability to view — and sometimes update — information developed by a variety of systems and managed by different organizations in a single location. Typically, they’re accessible via the Internet.

What could a construction Portal do for you, your organization, vendors and/or buyers? An effective Portal provides data access, governed by credentials, to all appropriate stakeholders.

Construction Portals facilitate Collaboration

Let’s take a look at a real-world example. Vendors can log into CPS’ Field Collaborate Portal and view or print their construction schedules, punch items, and safety assessments.  In addition, they are able to view builder documents and drawings.

Home buyers, on the other hand, log into the Field Collaborate Portal and find their home’s schedule as well as stage-of-construction photos.

If we considered just this set of participants, can you think of the reduced number of phone calls, faxes, emails and misunderstandings? Portals make the entire enterprise more productive!

Home builders use Portals to share information internally, as well.  What’s more disruptive than having multiple sources for information?  A well-managed Portal provides the same information to everyone (governed by access credentials, of course) — and it’s all available anywhere, anytime via the cloud!

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