Co-Op Agents Helping Home Builders Sell to Millenials

Co-Op Agents Helping Home Builders Sell to Millenials

This year, it seems, is all about Millennials. In 2015, they surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation.

A recent John Burns Consulting report found that, by sheer numbers, the generation is huge and their impact on home design and home sales will be huge, as well.

68% of Millennials interviewed only 1 resale agent!

Those facts and studies make a recent Visual Capitalist article, Millennials are Buying Their First Homes and Here’s What They Want, particularly eye-catching.

Particularly this statistic: 90% used a real estate agent or broker to buy a home.

And, 68% interviewed only 1 agent. 

44% self-identify as belonging to a minority race or ethnic group.

These numbers suggest that it is worthwhile getting your co-op agent game on!

We have several suggestions to develop and nurture your co-op agent pool:

  • Make sure your CRM system enables you to identify and track co-agents and their prospects!
  • Then, you’ll be able to send targeted emails to these agents highlighting available homes, features and special events.
  • You’ll also be able to use your CRM system to manage special events, such as agent lunches and wine & cheese get togethers so you’re able to manage the invitation list and know who attended.
  • Why not schedule “drop in” events at a local broker’s office and bring in a tablet with your community’s interactive touchscreen presentation pre-loaded.  You can share your floor plans, options and local neighborhood amenities to remind them what is available at your community. How about a downloadable app available just for agents?
  • Remember: your co-op agents need to be able to sell your location, features and amenities just like you do!  Make it easy for them to do so by providing the materials they need.
CPS has been providing agent-friendly CRM since 1985; contact us to find out how we can help you build and nurture this increasingly important traffic source! 

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