Closing the Sale: It’s about the Interview? Really…?

Closing the Sale: It’s about the Interview? Really…?

Read several great articles today: Scavenger Hunt by Michelle Glover and How to Become a Master Closer by Grayson Schwepfinger.  Both were courtesy of Builder Radio’s website,

Tobacco Row: Hot Buttons to initiate the conversation!

 “The key to improving sales,” Michelle says, “may rest in the most unexpected place — small talk” and goes on to suggesst that agents find “clues” about the real reasons for the visit.  Clues are, in essence, the buyer’s “Hot Buttons” and those are proven psychological drivers.  “Hot Buttons” can range from prestige to recreation and everything in between.  Once an agent is aware of a prospect’s “Hot Button”, Glover says, that information can be used to focus the sales presentation. 

Sports caps and t-shirts lead to how the 4th and 5th bedroom have a loft option…great for the big screen, video games and parties.  Someone else’s “Hot Button” might result in describing a bonus room in lieu of the 2 bedrooms..complete with a ballet barre and special floor.  In other words, product doesn’t have to be described the same way…to every prospect.

Grayson suggests prospects don’t purchase because they’ve been shown the “wrong home” and the biggest reason for showing a wrong home is a “poorly executed interview step.”  He goes on to describe a 4-step information process focused on what the prospect wants and needs. Gathering the information…the “correct” information is critical to improving one’s closing ratio!

We suggest there’s technology available to assist (and that’s a critical italic!) the agent in determing the “Hot Buttons” or needs/wants — and an interactive touchscreen system drives that tool.  A well-designed system isn’t just a pretty face — it’s a tool to facilitate interaction and engage your prospect in conversation.  And..we have always provided “hot spots” to initiate conversation.  Explore the community amenities, neighborhood activities…what looks interesting?

And, that’s just the beginning.  Bob Musa suggests in his book, Creating Customers, that touchscreens are excellent conveyors of value-added information. Maybe not everyone is interested can be fairly certain that the prospect touching your “behind the walls” story is wants information about your construction methods and energy savings.  You’re able to allow the prospect to browse community information and…then initiate the conversation based upon their selections.

Once that conversation gets started, agents have the information to focus the sales presentation!

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