Celebrating Veterans Day 2019!

Celebrating Veterans Day 2019!

Veterans Day gives us all an excellent opportunity to lift up and honor those who served our country — as well as recognize and thank those currently serving.

Here at CPS, we also take time to recognize and thank members of the CPS family who have served our country in the armed forces.

Enjoy a Veterans Day Parade!!

First, currently serving: Bob Musa’s son, Mike. He graduated US Marine Corps Camp Pendleton Boot Camp in 2016 and he’s now at his permanent duty station. Thank you, Mike, for your service!

Remembering the service of:

Bob Strickland, US Air Force

Bob’s father, Robert Musa (US Marines, retired & yes; that’s 2 generations!)

Chris’ father, Michael Lott (US Navy, retired)

Michelle’s father, Robert DuBois (US Air Force)

Michelle’s husband, Jerry Stone (US Navy)

Sean’s father, Chris Miyazaki (US Air Force, retired)

Troy’s brother, John (US Air Force)

Zoe’s father, Charles Miller and brother, Wilson Miller (both: US Army)

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