Builders: Tips for Migrating Buyers/Owners to Your Self-Service Options

Builders: Tips for Migrating Buyers/Owners to Your Self-Service Options

Self-service is a Preference for Many

We’ve been blogging recently about the paradigm shift in the self-service concept.  Frankly, it wasn’t that long ago that self-service wasn’t popular — for either businesses or customers.

However,  attitudes, preferences and expectations change quickly. One reason is changing demographics; another is technology.

Self-service is one of those quickly evolving expectations.  Today, self-service is not only a solution but a preference for many — regardless of age. Take a look at the 55+ community in the photo!

It’s About Customer Experience and More!

Good self-service platforms can both improve the customer experience and save businesses money.

And, effective organizations are pushing forward with new customer paradigms as they recognize the need to engage customers amidst the current digital clutter is a way to enhance their brand.  

Get Proactive About Offering Self-Service 

It goes without saying that it doesn’t much sense to just drop a self-service function into an organization.  The result would probably be similar to that of Coke Classic back in the day!
There are a few ideas that will make self-service work more effectively for your customer and your organization:
  1. Make Self-Service Visible (and Visual, when possible): Sales offices have been challenged to enhance the home shopper experience.  Jonathan Wilhelm suggested, in a recent Builder article, that interactive kiosks provide an enhanced buying experience. Not everyone considers them to be self-service; yet, they’re a tool to engage your home shoppers and provide all sorts of sales/marketing capabilities. CPS SalesTouch starts with interactive floorplans and goes from there with drag and drop furniture, local area maps, etc. Design is critical to engagement — as well as functionality.
  2. Offer Features that Will Maximize Use — and Solve Problems: Self-service platforms are like any other product — the more they satisfy a customer’s needs, the more they’ll be utilized.  Take a look at CPS WarrantyWatcher, as an example.  Not only do homeowners have 24/7 access via a builder-branded Portal to submit requests, they’re able to see request status and history. No more calling, voicemail messages, emailing!
  3. Get Employees On Board: Increasing employee buy-in involves showing how your new self-service platforms provide more streamlined processes — for everyone.  Sure, a phone call might resolve a specific issue for one homeowner but.. help your team focus on how the new self-service platform adds customer value (such as allowing homeowners to submit photos illustrating their warranty issue) as well as business value (employees are better able to focus on “high touch” situations).

Use CPS’ Self-Service Tool for More Info!

We try to practice what we write: reach out through our Portal to schedule a discussion or demo here!

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