Builders: Take a look at Fine-tuning the Focus on Your Customer

Builders: Take a look at Fine-tuning the Focus on Your Customer

We just spent several very informative days at the Jeff Shore Sales Leadership Summit 2018 in San Diego. Great group of sales/marketing professionals, lots of discovery, idea sharing and conversation!

2018: What’s the Customer Experience Opportunity?

SalesTouch: Leaning-in for the details

The Summit focuses on new homes sales/marketing — and this year Jeff asked participants to consider the state of the home buying experience.  After all, he asked:

  • What would be a truly awesome buying experience look like?
  • What are today’s customers experiencing in your sales centers?
  • Do you see a gap? There’s your “opportunity” for improvement!

2018: Let’s Focus on the Prospect

What does your customer’s experience look like — from the minute they enter your door?
One takeaway from The Summit: your customers notice things! They really do pick-up on overall cleanliness, the sales agent’s greeting and willingness to take a model tour, the value of collateral.  
Another takeaway: the home shopper is actively seeking information! Pricing, availability, floorplan details: they’re details and valued by the home shopper.  
Consider this: many home shoppers walking into your sales office are experiencing your product (your brand, in other words) for the first time! They might have researched online but.. this is their first hands on experience. What are you doing to maximize your brand experience?

Make the Move to Consumer-First

During this same week, a new RetailCustomerExperience article suggested there should never be a barrier between a brand and the end consumer. Don’t lose sight of your buyer, in other words! 
What are you doing to meet those customer needs (since you control and monitor the customer experience, after all!). Are you providing the information your consumer is seeking? What about an inviting and informative environment? Does it resonate with your buyer demographic?
Take a look at CPS’ interactive touchscreen system, SalesTouch as it actively engages home shoppers from the minute they walk in the door.  Today’s home shopper enters your door because they’re actively looking to make a lifestyle change.  Provide the information they need and make it easy for them: floorplans, exterior elevations, sitemaps — even a surrounding area discovery zone!

After all: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

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