Builders: Relatable and Emotionally Charged Marketing Ideas

Builders: Relatable and Emotionally Charged Marketing Ideas

There’s a current line of thinking suggesting that, regardless of the product (consumer electronics, cars, new homes), more and more women are now playing a primary role in the decision-making purchase process.

SalesTouch engages your audience with relatable content!

What does this emerging role have to do with your marketing approach and style?  If you’ve always marketed to what might be categorized as a “female audience,” you might argue…not much.

However, all sorts of other bits of marketing data are emerging, as well: women are the “most” connected audience (throw out those preconceived “geek” ideas!).  That fact alone might suggest re-visiting your marketing approach: more mobile, less print; more Facebook, fewer mailers.

In addition, recent studies suggest women see information, products and even themselves in terms of how they relate to others.  Women, in other words, feel more comfortable responding to marketing messages that tell relevant stories.  And, the studies suggest a story’s details matter as much as the outcome.

There are many marketing studies out there but.. let’s just concentrate on these two pieces of information for a moment: women are “the most connected audience” and they are motivated by richly detailed stories.  How might this influence your marketing approach (and sales, for that matter!)?

Suggestion #1: don’t cut to the end…take time (and energy) to tell the story!

Take a look at the image at the top of this blog.  It’s from a CPS SalesTouch interactive touchscreen presentation at a multifamily property, The John Marshall.  This property is telling their location story: there’s a lot going on in the surrounding area; there are all sorts of restaurants…

But.. that’s not the end of their story!  John Marshall’s interactive touchscreen system not only provides information about the restaurant and an appropriate image.. it calls out a signature dish!  If you were looking for an apartment in the area, can’t you see yourself relating?  Trying this restaurant, living in this neighborhood?

To some extent, doesn’t this image take you to Suggestion #2: The best stories are emotionally charged.  John Marshall doesn’t just list the restaurants; it shows very appealing images and takes time to provide something really interesting: the “Gotta Try” dish.  Can’t you just taste these oysters? Wouldn’t it be great living in this property so you could try other restaurants and their signature dishes, too?

We’ll have more Suggestions in future blogs talking about including women and their “relater” tendencies.  Meanwhile, try thinking of one new way you can incorporate relatable stores and technology into your sales and marketing process!

We’ll give you a starter story idea: follow-up a prospect’s visit (whether they were looking at a car, home, apartment or …) with an email containing a short cell phone video you just made highlighting 2-3 items covered in your sales presentation — as you open the door to the car or walk through the home visited.  It’s easy-to-do and will resonate with your prospect!  This creative way to story-tell comes courtesy of new home sales trainer, Jeff Shore!

Interested in learning more about relatable marketing technology?  Here at CPS we can talk to you about interactive touchscreen-based presentations, social media walls and dynamic, consumer-focused comment systems.

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