Builders: Put Metrics on Your Dashboard!

Builders: Put Metrics on Your Dashboard!

SST Emerging as a Preference 

Concise, actionable information – 24/7

We’ve been talking about SST — that’s Self Service Technology — recently; you can review Solutions Blogs about migrating your homebuyers towards SST customer service options here.

There are a couple of key elements associated with the trend towards SST; demographics and technology. Cloud-based software applications are making information available 24/7, anywhere/anytime.

Preferences and expectations are changing, too; what was once viewed rather negatively is now seen as not only a solution but a preference!

Builders Have 2 Audiences Looking for Information: Buyers and Their Own Team

The benefits of SST apply across the builder audience:  homebuyers and your own team of field managers, operations staff, accounting, corporate management. 

Homebuyers Obtain Concise, Personalized Information via Portals

How can that be? Your homebuyers have access to information through web-based portals with data published through web-based software applications.  It’s concise, time pertinent, personalized and available 24/7. 
Portals recognize their participants through credentials. So, it’s straightforward for your buyer to locate stage of construction photos or warranty issue status.  They’re able to use their phone or tablet and there’s no digital clutter: their specific and unique information is presented clearly and concisely.

Metrics Deliver for Corporate Team Members

A business metric is defined as a quantifiable measure used to track and assess the status of a specific business process. Every business area has unique processes that need to be monitored.  Sales, for example, track marketing and social media metrics; senior management tracks key financial results and trends.
Metrics encourage your organization to become more data-driven — and that’s particularly true when SST features are built-in to your software applications.  Think: visual and interactive
Portals: Personalized status 24/7 for your buyers
What might your warranty team need as metrics?  Submitted requests, requests turned into work orders, open work orders?  The team doesn’t necessarily want all the details at first glance; they’re interested in scope and outliers.

Customer Service Rep “A” has 150 open work orders with 20% over 30 days; “B” has 260 open orders with only 5% over 30 days. That’s easily viewable in a pie chart, for example, Then, drill down for details; you might find “A” has a community’s worth of “manufacturer microsoft recalls” and is waiting for replacements.  
You’re able to locate that type of information using a software-generated visual dashboard such as those provided by CPS’ WarrantyWatcher. 
Visual Metrics Focus Attention and Investigation

SST means personalized, concise information 24/7, anywhere/anytime. Setup your dashboard to measure the data that’s critical to your business — adjust the timeframe, drill down for details, focus on what’s important, offer Portals to your buyers — that’s CPS WarrantyWatcher!

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