Builders: Proactive Translates Well to Productive and Profitable

Builders: Proactive Translates Well to Productive and Profitable

Builderonline’s recent Pain Points: Win or Learn article by John McManus highlighted a timely point: 3 things matter most for builders this morning!

And, all 3 things are within every builder’s control (vs. those you can’t control such as weather, the economy, etc). Not just large builders, or public builders, or small mom-and-pop builders. All builders.

This Blog will focus on the first controllable: sales.  Everyone has their eye on trends, projections and actual sales. Sales are important because they’re not just a clearly identifiable way to measure actual vs. budget but provide insight into what your buyer profile is looking for in a home and where your product stands in terms of delivering.

What are you doing to make sure your story is being told most effectively?

Using technology to tell your story!

Today’s buyer — whether Millennial, GenX or BabyBoomer — is using technology to search, review and rate communities and homes.

Yesterday’s broadcast marketing (same information to all participants) doesn’t meet today’s buyer’s need for individual focused narrowcasting addressing their objectives.

Have you taken a look at interactive sales presentations?

Are your buyers focused on neighborhood, schools, recreation?  Tell that story with an interactive map highlighting the interesting, unusual and local favorites.

How about the variety of home customization options offered? Let your buyers mix/match the options to “build” their new home! Offer them the ability to “mark up” the plan with notes, names and wishes and then email it to study at home. This home shopper just transitioned from the brochure floor plan to their home!

Let technology not only tell your story but inform your buyer that you understand their stories, hopes, dreams and needs.  Every buyer segment responds to this message!

CPS has been providing interactive touchscreen systems since 2008; ask us to show you how SalesTouch can enhance your current marketing program and help address the first controllable: sales!

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