Builders: Kick-Up Engagement with Digital Content

Builders: Kick-Up Engagement with Digital Content

Your audience — whatever the product, whether they’re new new home shoppers or retail customers — has a short attention span. Shoppers want content — in short bursts — and they want it now.  Reading through brochures is so 2000, in other words.
What can you do to improve your approach to content and make it relevant to your audience?
SalesTouch offers attention-grabbing, actionable content!
Consumers want an experience — offer something they can touch & feel — this need is seen across demographics but has been made imperative by the emerging purchasing power of Millennials. 

Focus on grabbing their attention — right away.  Remember: visuals are key as they spark the imagination.  Let your customers know there’s a story unfolding in front of them — make sure your copy and content is relevant to their lifestyle, goals and aspirations.

Provide actionable information — and, be sure it’s approachable. Your customer is there because they want something new — they want to find out how your product (be it a new home, an appliance or clothes) will improve their current situation.  Help them explore your solution. If you’re a new home builder, that means interactive floorplans, furniture placement, design center features.  A grocery? There’s recipes, nutritional information and new cooking methods.

Motivate them to take the next step — make sure you’ve defined it.  Do you want prospect registration? A tour, follow-up meeting or an email in a month? Make the next step realistic, identifiable and easy to locate.

Take a look at the CPS SalesTouch interactive touchscreen presentation above: what can you tell about the audience, their goals and aspirations and the next steps? 

We’ve put SalesTouch case studies on our website so you can see how effective content grabs a home shopper’s attention and encourages them to take the next step on their path to home ownership.

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