Builders: How Focused Are Your Sales/Marketing Efforts on the 91%?

Builders: How Focused Are Your Sales/Marketing Efforts on the 91%?

Back in April 2015, the Blog highlighted the statistic that 91% of home purchase decisions were made by women.  We mentioned women are more “connected,” they’re interested in relevant information and appreciate relatable content.

Recently, TecHomeBuilder featured an article titled The WOW Factor of Women-Centric Building and highlighted several key factors women look for in the home buying process:

(1) Make an emotional connection — images can really help with this item.  Take a look at the interactive touchscreen system designed for Newland’s Tehaleh master plan community displayed below.  At a glance, you’re able to put together a set of thoughts about the community, imagine the energy taking place on a daily basis and want to investigate further.

CPS’ SalesTouch Helps Imagine Living Here!

(2) Engage your buyer with a story — let your shopper get to know you and use language that speak to her such as “build a better life.”

Didn’t we talk about relatable content back in April?  Let your buyer know your community is the place for her!  You’re going to need to do some discovery to determine not only the demographic of your audience but their drivers.  Sometimes, it’s schools; other times, recreation, easy access to employment locations or health care facilities.  Take some time getting to know your buyer profile’s back story in order to tell appropriate stories to your buyer!

Understanding the Back Story Helps You Tell Relatable Stories!

(3) Focus on a Quality Presentation — here’s where interactive presentations help you engage the shopper! Walk into an office (any office!) with what is called “passive signage” and then walk into another with interactive presentations — whether in a kiosk, on the wall or presented via tablet.  You can feel the energy, will definitely get engaged and want to explore!

There’s more to the WOW factor — keep an eye on the Blog!

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