Builders: Getting Proactive With Construction Data

Builders: Getting Proactive With Construction Data

Did you have a chance to read our last Blog (it’s here!).

We highlighted a recent Builderonline article: Pain Points: Win or Learn by John McManus.  He focused on 3 things that matter most for builders this morning!

And, those 3 things are within every builder’s control (vs. those you can’t control such as weather, the economy, etc). Not just large builders, or public builders, or small mom-and-pop builders. All builders.

Information Helps Clarify Vision!

The first was sales.  The second is taking those sales to completions.

That is, the construction cycle. You’re able to evaluate how your construction process is delivering by reviewing specific information: cycle time and, in turn,  profitability.

McManus suggests: you work with greater velocity or… you learn the pain.

Greater velocity can’t be measured in the abstract, however.  Other factors — and they are measurable — have to come into the equation or profitability is a one-time gain with a short life.

What are you doing to consider those other variables? Do you know which vendors show up on time, or have the highest level of rework, have safety issues consistently, always fail field inspections? That information helps shape a long range vision of your construction cycle and help deliver consistently better results.

We’re suggesting FieldCollaborate — including the  available web Portal for vendors and home buyers — will help.  It’s not just scheduling but reporting on quality items, delivery times, subcontractor consistency, safety assessments and punch items.  It all helps highlight factors impacting your construction cycle and allows you to be proactive about the next lot, phase and community — and design for long-term profitability.

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