Builders: Get Interactive and Highlight Your Best Features

Builders: Get Interactive and Highlight Your Best Features

If you don’t show it, you’re not going to sell it!

That’s a suggestion made by Lauren Shanesy in a recent BuilderOnline article regarding new home features and option/upgrade possibilities.

Step Up and Highlight the Possibilities

Shanesy notes, “Buyers in the market for a new home know what they want – comfort, convenience, and an overall better quality of life for their family.”
What they don’t know, frequently, is what you offer that will enable them to live that lifestyle!
And, Shanesy says, “Show them how a specific feature is a solution to a need that they have to live better, and they’ll invest in those features.

Show These Lifestyle Features — and You’ll See Buyers!

What sort of “lifestyle features” are important to today’s homebuyer — whether Millennial or Boomer? You’ve no doubt seen many; we’ll talk about two here with others to come in future blogs.
Open space layouts are number one! Buyers have moved away from the traditional kitchen, living room and formal dining area layout; instead, informal gathering spaces are the lifestyle of choice. 

This move is across the board — Millennial, Boomer, Gen-X.
Marc Thee calls describes this as “non-compartmentalized living” and it is all about comfortable living.
One other floorplan-related favorite: pet-friendly living! 81% of a 2017 Animal House: Remodeling Impact study reported that animal-related considerations play a role in evaluating lifestyle environments.

Encourage Exploration

An interactive touchscreen presentation provides an introduction into lifestyle possibilities as soon as the home shopper walks into your door. Today’s buyer is used to self service; 90% have already started exploring via your website. Today’s home shopper is interested in and feels comfortable exploring visually engaging content. Encourage discovery!

Buyers want to know how floorplans work — how they’ll encourage comfortable living. Take a look at the CPS SalesTouch presentation above – interested in adding an outdoor kitchen? How about making the family room cozier by adding a fireplace?
Let your home shopper dream — and create their new home! And, there’s a drag ‘n drop furniture feature to zero in on how this dream will live!

Visuals Tell the Lifestyle Story!

Remember the interest in pet amenities? Why not provide some visual focus to capture interest in  a pet-friendly neighborhood? 
Here’s your opportunity to incorporate storytelling into your home shopper’s journey!

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