Builders: Get Added Value from Your Buyer Surveys

Builders: Get Added Value from Your Buyer Surveys

Rating our experiences… that’s a concept that has started-up brand new companies and entered almost everyone’s life in the last 10 years.  There used to be pen-and-paper questionnaires.  Today, we have Yelp, TripAdvisor, Amazon, Survey Monkey … even primary care physicians are asking for feedback!

 Get Proactive: Engage buyers mid-stream with surveys

Traditionally, many homebuilders took advantage of post-closing surveys.  Pen-and-paper has migrated to web-based. Some builders utilize results to evaluate sales agents and construction managers.

We’d like to suggest surveys be a part of your ongoing communications process.

Doesn’t it seem a bit abrupt to ask “How did we do?” out of the blue for such a major event as a home purchase — although it can make sense for a dinner out or hotel stay.  There have probably been many “great job” and “could have been better” events from the first sales office visit through closing. 

Finding those mid-stream results — and managing around them not only engages your buyer and enhances the customer experience but allows the builder to manage people and process on a more timely basis.

Earlier CPS Solutions blogs talked about initiating and maintaining the communications process during the construction process.  Keeping your buyers informed; providing stage-of-construction photos — CPS’ FieldCollaborate offers a Buyer Portal just for that reason.  Why not schedule a survey after the first Construction meeting?

Now, your buyers are involved in the feedback process and engaged to the level needed to provide meaningful feedback.  It’s no longer a perfunctory “How Did We Do?” at closing; you’ve initiated full-scale dialogue. And, that’s the type of communication that will generate referrals!

Find out how we can help you integrate SurveyMonkey into CPS’ construction and warranty software!

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