Builders: Consider Value-Unique Customer Experiences

Builders: Consider Value-Unique Customer Experiences

Good Customer Experience is Appreciated; Noteworthy Gets People Talking

Have you run across Chip Bell? He’s an author, speaker and consultant focused on customer loyalty and service innovation.

Bell suggests that good Customer Experience is appreciated.

We knew that, right? Yet, good service rarely results in people mentioning in — or posting or Tweeting about it.

However, when a noteworthy customer experience moment occurs, people talk, post and Tweet about it all the time. does your customer service become Tweet-worthy?

Move-Up to Value-Unique Experiences

Today, customers expect their experience to be value-added.

Taking what your customers expect and just adding more isn’t enough to generate anything beyond satisfaction and.. that’s why it isn’t generating posts or Tweets.

When customers get more than expected and it’s unique and innovative, Bell suggests, that’s value-unique.
And, value-unique has a lot more value.  That’s when people start talking and Tweeting about it!

Customer Focus Also Drives Revenue Growth

A recent McKinsey & Co. study concluded that customer satisfaction also correlated with company revenue growth. One idea that emerges from that study is the importance of employees as brand ambassadors. What is your organization doing to foster this concept?

Encourage Employee Engagement

One idea is to make sure you’re providing the tools to facilitate employee engagement. Implement tools, in other words, to foster employee engagement and, in turn, you’ll see value-unique service.

What sort of tools? Keep in mind your customer’s expectations are changing at rapid speed. 
Builders must now account for an increasing number of factors ranging from having more information on the website to conversational commerce to providing an engaging in-sales office experience. And, your employees need to take advantage of  those digital engagement tools so your brand emerges as value-unique!
Wouldn’t you want to walk into a sales office featuring the Brisas interactive touchscreen system highlighted above — and see not only gorgeous creative but interactive floorplans, what’s happening in the neighborhood and an up-to-date sitemap? Leveraging digital tools such as CPS’ SalesTouch doesn’t diminish your sales agent’s role; it amplifies it by associating the brand with a value-unique experience

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