Builders, Co-op Agents: Reaching the Asian Community

Builders, Co-op Agents: Reaching the Asian Community

We’ve all been reading about our ever-increasing diverse population; but, have you considered there’s a diverse homebuyer demographic, as well?

Were you able to attend the recent REALTORS Conference & Expo? 

Jim Park, President of the Asian Real Estate Association of America, noted that, when hearing people talk about diversity, the Asian community is frequently missed.  He comments, “The last category usually is ‘other.’ Well, the ‘other’ community has a lot of people in it.”

Reach out to your co-op agent team

17.3 million people in the US are of East and South Asian descent, according to the 2010 US Census.

And, according to Park, Asian-Americans are a great target market for home sales.  Household income is higher than other households and…they prefer buying new homes! Park notes, “Asian-Americans are more likely to live in non-Asian communities.”

As a homebuilder, how does your marketing respond to this information? We’d like to suggest a couple of ways: use CRM to help manage your prospects and, more importantly, utilize your co-op agent team to reach out to this community.

Co-op agents often specialize in specific markets — ranging from relocations to 55+ to Asian-Americans.  They consistently work with their target market and become known in their community as a reliable agent. 

CPS’ CRM 2.0 will help you categorize your co-op agents, filter their market interests and manage your activities such as agent caravans, luncheons and other “reaching out” activities. You’ll find out which agents bring your prospects (and buyers!), which are your best agents and who attend your events.   

As Park says, “The demographic shift is impacting the market right now. It’s the reality we all face. You can say it’s a challenge, but really it’s a great opportunity.”

Find out how CPS’ CRM 2.0 will help you effectively target co-op agents; visit CPS’ website,

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