Builders: Are You on Track for Profit?

Builders: Are You on Track for Profit?

ProBuilder, in August 2015, had a great article entitled The 12 Processes for Sustainable Profit with the subtitle: How to establish sound business systems that ensure a healthy bottom line.

The processes range from land/lot selection to product design to sales & marketing processes.

ProBuilder suggests builders shouldn’t focus on traditional questions or their answers.  For example, the article suggests virtually all sales training focuses on getting the deal.  That’s great but..there needs to be a focus on determining the true total cost of the deal to determine it is a “good deal.”

We’re going to focus on Process #9: Building Schedules. The article says:
The best builders are the best schedulers — and the best schedulers are the best builders. 

CPS FieldCollaborate; getting to a healthy bottom line!
What are you doing to be the best scheduler?
While it is true that it doesn’t make sense to automate a bad process, we’ll suggest that it doesn’t make sense to schedule with a cell phone or pen & paper.  Take a look at CPS’ FieldCollaborate — an automated scheduling software application designed for homebuilders.  You’re able to create your own standard templates and schedule from either a desired start or completion date. Your vendors  are assigned work dates and field managers track, record and monitor progress. 
Of course, there are all sorts of bells and whistles, too: a Vendor Portal to share schedules and drawings, Safety Assessments, Ratings, Punch Lists.
Key is the ability to create consistent schedules and measure results — anywhere/anytime and accessible by all of your stakeholders (corporate staff, schedulers, field managers and your vendors).  
Yes; there are trade and material shortages, options/upgrades, all sorts of weather — the list is endless. But, nothing beats an accurate and predictable schedule to enhance your operations and profits.

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