Builders and Developers: Shifting from a Sales-Oriented to Experience-Oriented Model

Builders and Developers: Shifting from a Sales-Oriented to Experience-Oriented Model

Brent Williamson, writing in Multifamily Insiders, talks what it would be like to be an employee in an exceptional community. Take a look at the complete blog here;  he discusses how an employee views working in such a community, how that view impacts confidence in the product as well as influencing the entire operational experience.  He summarizes:

Creating a community that truly provides a memorable experience
shifts work from a sales-oriented model
to an experience-oriented model.

Prospects use SalesTouch to create memorable experiences!

Every business must analyze costs and benefits — and some find it difficult to evaluate so-called “soft benefits” although the costs tend to be fairly straightforward.  Adding “soft benefit” sales/leasing office amenities and employee tools generally requires additional monetary investment; however, Williamson suggests the added costs, when properly allocated and understood, will result in significant rewards — and monetary ones, at that! 

Williams recounts hearing Ann Sadovsky saying, in a recent webinar, that the top reason people work is to make an impact and feel they are part of something special. Spending decisions for a perceived”soft benefit” that is recognizable and improves employee morale can have a long-term profitability impacts — through a quicker sales cycle, decreased turnover/cancellations, reductions in unnecessary advertising/collateral materials and decreased employee turnover.  In other words, those benefits can be calculated!

What would help create memorable experiences at your property?  We’d like to suggest that an interactive touchscreen does exactly that!  Prospects and employees consistently mention enjoying the experience associated with touchscreen use — as well as easy accessibility to information, enhancing a “green strategy” with decreased use of pre-printed brochures and the ability to “signal” we’ve invested in you!

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