Builders: Add Drone Photography to Your Social Media

Builders: Add Drone Photography to Your Social Media

Saw an interesting statistic today:

Drone listings receive 60% more leads than traditional photographer listings!

The stat was accompanied by this thought:
The most important element is to capture the energy!

SalesTouch: capturing the energy generated with drone imagery!

Wouldn’t you agree the same thought applies to a new home community, master plan development or multifamily property?  Your marketing collateral needs to speak to your buyer’s emotions and there’s no better way to encourage a home shopper to start considering how your community meets their needs than visual stimulation.
Home building is a natural for visuals — telling a story inside and out.  Most builders utilize still photography in brochures and on their website. Have you considered upping your WOW! factor and adding drone photography?
Take a look at the downtown Richmond image used in the John Marshall interactive touchscreen system — add in a “Try it!” highlighting specialties — and who wouldn’t want to start exploring how to be a part of this energy?
A recent article notes there’s a fundamental shift happening in the real estate industry — just as videos changed the music industry, professional video is transforming the internet and real estate industry. Consider that thought: there’s a profound change and corresponding consumer expectation underway. We all need to include, at the minimum, an analysis of how drone photography might improve current visuals.
And, if you’d like to consider adding drone imagery to a SalesTouch interactive touchscreen presentation highlighting your community, any of us at CPS can assist.  Or, expand the use with our Social Media Wall combining traditional marketing copy/images with shared social media content.  We’re able to capture the energy initiated by drone imagery and translate it into an engaging, interactive exploration of your community!

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