Builder Sales Offices and the Ever-Changing Consumer Landscape

Builder Sales Offices and the Ever-Changing Consumer Landscape

Generally, we focus on the new home sales, marketing and construction management landscape. Today we’re adding a bit of a more “retail” experience focus kicking-off with a recent Jane Meagher (she’s with Success Strategies) comment,

In 2016, builders need to think like retailers selling new homes,                                                     rather than construction companies building homes they then sell.

Are you starting to think like a retailer?

 Meagher continues,

Let’s strategically focus on influencing our buyers…like all smart retailers do.

Couple those thoughts with recent  Doug Stephens (he’s known as a retail and consumer futurist) comments. Stephens analyzes trends — financial, media, demographic, technology — in order to provide insight into consumer and brand relationships.  
Stephens was asked, in a recent Retail Customer Experience interview, how to describe today’s consumer and what is the top expectation in a retail transaction (remember: home builders are being encouraged to think like retailers!).
Try taking your immersive tools out!
Stephens suggests that, regardless of age, geography or economic strata, consumers are empowered.  And, it’s not just technology doing the empowering, it’s what he labels an unprecedented level of access to choice and information. 

One final thought, for today’s blog, is Stephen’s idea that consumer’s expectations depend on what they’re buying.  Stephens breaks the purchase experience into two categories: 
  • fast, easy and frictionless (you might think website or fast food here) 
  • exclusive, personalized and immersive (sales offices and design centers should be here)

Meagher mentions further, We need to thrill and delight our buyers with their (options) selections experiences.  
Would you consider evaluating your sales office experience in light of these thoughts?  Stephens says many organizations are intellectually aware of the need to change but plagued by process inertia. CPS can help you look at exciting, innovative and effective consumer engagement tools — from interactive touchscreens to social media walls to tablet experiences.  You can adapt, innovate and keep in sync with today’s changing consumer objectives!

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