Branding & Communication: Effective… not expensive?

Branding & Communication: Effective… not expensive?

Hmmm…is there a possibility that an effective Branding and Communication program can be implemented inexpensively? 

We like to talk about the value of  interactive touchscreen systems — whether in a sales, leasing or information center or a retail store.

Touchscreens..small and effective!

Interactivity helps with both branding and communication.  The American Marketing Association suggests that a brand identifies an entity and differentiates it from other, seemingly identical entities.

Objectives that a good brand will achieve include:
     — Delivering the message clearly;
     — Confirming your credibility;
     — Connecting your prospects emotionally;
     — Motivating the buyer;
     — Establishing loyalty.

Brands typically have other items “tag along” such as being consumer friendly, green, contemporary.  Doesn’t a well-designed touchscreen system communicate all of this? 

But..can it be effective and not expensive?  Certainly. The touchscreen image above is just 25″ and it delivers its branding and communications message very clearly and concisely.

Just because there’s a larger touchscreen somewhere…it can’t take away your story!

And, a well-designed interactive touchscreen system doesn’t need to display every idea or image under the sun.  To the contrary, the well-designed system uses creative thinking and great storytelling skills to provide essential information and help drive a decision.  When there are too many pieces of information, your prospect tends to surf rather than focus on your story and the brand.  That’s when things get expensive as you need to provide more and more to redirect your prospect.

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