Benefits You Can Expect from Award-Winning Builder Warranty Software

Benefits You Can Expect from Award-Winning Builder Warranty Software

It’s always exciting to win an award — and CPS’ WarrantyWatcher was selected as a Constructech 2017 Top Product!

WarrantyWatcher: helping warranty operations be more effective!

What benefits can you, as a home builder, expect from this latest release of warranty/customer service cloud-based software?  An award, after all, only goes so far — there needs to be some meat on the bones!

Home builder warranty/customer service records home buyer service requests, sends out work orders and reports on the results. Those are the basics; when you’re looking at becoming more efficient and effective, what does WarrantyWatcher offer?

Why an award? We think there are 3 key points:

  1. There are Buyer and Vendor Portals: Make it easy for your buyers to submit service requests via the internet-based Portal and for your warranty staff to utilize the information. It’s not email so there’s no double input; just review the submitted request, determine that it’s appropriate and go! And, your buyers can keep up-to-date on status through the Portal; think of how many phone calls, emails, texts that will be eliminated! Vendors are able to pick-up their work orders through the Portal, indicate availability and, even, receive drawings, photographs or other documents. 
  2. WarrantyWatcher is platform agnostic with 24/7, real-time access: That’s a bit techie sounding but it means that your staff can utilize the software in the office on their desktop or in the field via tablet or smartphone. And, real-time information is available, 24/7. No waiting for updates or only being able to view some of the information. Responsive design means the view responds to the device in use.
  3. It’s part of CPS’ Enterprise software: Warranty/customer service operations typically take place after the sale closes. All sorts of buyer and construction events have already taken place — and CPS Enterprise integration means they’re available for warranty staff to utilize. Plumbing problem on Lot 47? If your construction operation utilized CPS’ FieldCollaborate, you’d already know that Phillips Plumbing worked on Lot 47 (having replaced Standard Plumbing) and that there were upgraded faucets selected in the Design Center through CPS•CRM use. Everyone shares information — maximizing communication and minimizing inefficiencies. 
Of course, there are all sorts of other great features: an administrative dashboard highlighting your Top 10 problems deserving attention, automated vendor follow-up, Quality Inspection templates for walk throughs — even integration with Survey Monkey to solicit home buyer’s opinions. Let us show you the meat behind the award!

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