Are You Getting Your Story On?!?

Are You Getting Your Story On?!?

Robert Rose, with the Content Marketing Institute, asks: Do brands create stories? Do stories create brands?

Yao Xiao of Image Think documents the storytelling conversation!

Rose goes on to say storytelling has never been “hotter” than today — although stories have been picked up, passed on and shared throughout history.
Today, storytelling principles and success factors are closely related with word-of-mouth, social sharing, social media, brand perception and content marketing. Yet, Rose suggests, storytelling is also often misunderstood, both from a content marketing and branding perspective.
We’re going to be talking about how to create stories, nurture them, and encourage them in subsequent blogs. We’ll try to work out the difference between what Rose calls boring and souless content and stories that engage.  
A connected content strategy where people are key!
After all, don’t good stories compel people to change?  Isn’t the very essence of a home purchase a desire for change?  
Several CPS staffers just spent time attending the 2017 Jeff Shore Leadership Summit — and storytelling was definitely top of mind in many of the discussions.  Take a look at a summary photo generated from trying to examine a homebuilder customer story — there’s definitely a lot going on!
After all, CPS is definitely involved in digital storytelling with our SalesTouch interactive touchscreen product. In today’s digital and data-driven environment,  single format storytelling has been transformed into transmedia storytelling in an effort to connect people and brands better than ever.

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