Adding new tools to your sales process or… Let’s Get Creative

Adding new tools to your sales process or… Let’s Get Creative

Really loved the Jeff Shore/Jason Forrest Sales Leadership Summit last week in Dallas.

No doubt, every attendee took away a new idea, added something new to their “sales and marketing toolkit.”

Really noteworthy was the thought that the tool might already be there..just not put to effective use as a selling tool.  Tool in point: using a cell phone for someething other than calling prospects.  Why not snap a picture or create a short video to forward to a sales prospect highlighting a feature they liked (the gourmet kitchen) or missed (sunset from the proposed backyard)?

We’re all carrying around cell phones and… probably taking pictures with them, too. many of us think about how we can incorporate these day-to-day items in a new and effective way?

Phone..check; email…check; telephone…check.  We have the tools.  How often do you think: Can I put this to a new and creative use?

CPS’ Bob Musa joins Builder Radio and Winchester Homes’ Jack Fugiel on Weds., May 11, for a webinar: Follow-up Tools, Techniques and Strategies that Work…imagine they’ll be talking about tools you already have…and getting creative about their use to enhance your sales success. 

Interested in adding new tools?  Here’s a link to the Webinar:

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