Adding an Emotional Connection to Your Sales Office

Adding an Emotional Connection to Your Sales Office

There’s a lot of details to take into consideration during the homebuying process: beds & baths, square footage, mortgage rates and a down payment. It’s frequently your buyer’s largest financial decision. Yet, there’s an element of emotion to consider and kindle in every person’s home shopping (and buying!) experience.

Imagine the conversations in front of this SalesTouch kiosk!

Jeff Shore notes in his book, Buying the Experience, that home buyers desperately long to be emotionally engaged with the home of their dreams.

Your mission: to maximize that engagement!

Your Sales Office is Often the Start of  the Journey

Emotions are part of our nature — and it’s worth considering, analyzing and evaluating how to add an emotional component into your marketing propositon as sales/leasing offices are frequently the first place visitors encounter the full range of your brand and product.

Storytelling Initiates Emotional Connections

Storytelling is one of the best content strategies for creating an emotional connection. Stories are tactile and create a visual picture. 
No doubt you’ve heard stories and imagined yourself within that context.  That’s what makes a good story: it pulls listeners in and actually makes them a co-creator of the message. Stories make content more interesting and more memorable
Stories can also open up the discovery process to address the “why” your home shopper is in your sales office!

Incorporate Social Proof

We’ve mentioned, in previous Solutions Blogs, collaborative consumption when discussing today’s consumers.  Home shoppers like company — just like always: friends, relatives, work buddies. But, today, in many cases, they’re “cloud” friends! These advisors are available through social media — giving feedback, offering reviews, providing info as to sales and trends.
Your story needs to be part of this social cloud.  One of the easiest ways to provide social proof, if you aren’t displaying social media on-site, is to incorporate testimonials

Get Interactive

Scroll back to the top — emotion is tactile.  Take a look at Cornerstone Communities’ interactive touchscreen kiosk: can you imagine the conversations when home shoppers walk into the sales office and see it? Wow! What a gorgeous view! I used to run but…I could get back into it with that path! 
Interactive touch presentations encourage emotional connections.  Did you know using touch generates entirely different (and more positive) brain activity than using a mouse? Take a look at Bob Musa’s book, Creating Customers with Interactive Touch Screen Digital Signage, for more on the power of touch!

IBS Gives You the Opportunity to Touch!

CPS will be at IBS2019 the week of February 18th; we’re in Booth SU631. Not going to be able to make it but interested in the power of touch as a sales tool? We can schedule an online demo here!

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