8 Marketing Changes…they’re only 8?

8 Marketing Changes…they’re only 8?

It’s been said that today’s marketing world is experiencing a “revolution like never in its history” according to Loren McDonald.  He suggests there are 8 major marketing events or changes that we can’t ignore. 

At the top of the list:

#1 – Customer Service is the new marketing; and

#2 – Customers become your marketing department.

They’re related aren’t they?  Customers — in your store, on your website, in your sales office — gather impressions and make decisions more quickly than ever.  Then, they’re likely to Tweet, Facebook and otherwise distribute those impressions to their friends (in other words, their world!).  They’re interacting with and influencing people you’ve never even had a chance to influence — as well as those you’ve actively marketed and advertised to with carefully planned campaigns!

As a result, the the customer experience is critical.  Customer Service is no longer answering questions or processing returns in an efficient and friendly fashion; it’s the entire experience that’s under the microscope.   Making it memorable, unique and positive is key to growing your business and acquiring new customers.  Your customer “marketers” are influencing your market…and it’s important (and exciting) to enable and encourage them to do some of your marketing for you.

Social media can’t be pigeonholed — it’s not just communications or entertainment or advertising or marketing.  It is up to you to harness social media as your marketing partner as best possible — and as uniquely as you’re able. 

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