55+: Ideas to Fine-Tune Your Marketing Messages

55+: Ideas to Fine-Tune Your Marketing Messages

Many marketing studies (and our own Solutions blog!) spend quite a bit of time talking about the Gen X and Gen Y audience.

As they should: these demographic groups constitute a significant buying segment in today’s economy — whether you’re selling big ticket items such as homes and cars or day-to-day products including cable, groceries and cell phone plans.

Interactive touchscreens, CRM: nuanced messaging!

Nevertheless, the Baby Boomer generation is still a noteworthy demographic in terms of purchasing power; fresh insights, based upon Nielsen NeuroFocus consumer neuroscience research, suggest revisiting preconceptions and marketing approaches for this demographic.

In essence, mature minds respond differently to messages, input and information.  Differently doesn’t mean less or slower or diminished.

No one wants to be considered “old” or be treated as such — particularly this generation.  60 is the new 50, right?  Stereotyping doesn’t work.

But, did you know that mature brains respond better to positive advertising messages and actually have broader attention spans than Gen X and Y? This enhanced attention span suggests more nuanced messaging is not only appreciated but critical. 

Nuanced shouldn’t suggest busy or overly-detailed, however; this generation doesn’t like clutter or rapidly changing graphics/information. Progressive Grocer’s Boomer Brain Marketing Assumptions: Think Again article suggests, “While the messaging can be complex, the delivery and format should be simple.”

Implications for your marketing efforts? Imagine you’re 55+ (and take the above comments into consideration): when viewing the Colonial Heritage interactive touchscreen “welcome” image, what message do you take away?  Engaging, peaceful, serene, inviting?  Wouldn’t you like to explore more?

Interactive touchscreen sales tools respond very well for this generation: the delivery and format can be specifically designed and consumers are able to progress through your marketing information at their own speed.

Consider your CRM activities, too.  Make your product “top of mind” with easy-to-recall messages — and utilize an automated CRM system providing repeated follow-up with your prospects.  Keep the messaging positive and highlight what your consumer will gain with the purchase.

Boomers might be a consumer segment frequently overlooked; nevertheless, they continue to exert a major marketplace influence in terms of purchasing power.  Enhance your impact with nuanced messaging!

Interested in exploring how to enhance your marketing program to better respond to not only Boomers but Gen X and Y? We’d love to talk to you regarding SalesTouch and CRM 2.0 software products!

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