3 Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space Marketing

3 Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space Marketing

Just in time for summer: all sorts of new home builder articles about the latest outdoor living designs. You’ve probably seen similar articles with their focus on:

Use Summer & Social Media to Market Your New Homes!

— outdoor kitchens
— firepits
— fountains
— outdoor dining options
— seamless indoor/outdoor flow

And, there were probably all sorts of gorgeous photos, interesting menu possibilities and, even, recipes.
What you might not have seen were ways for you to market similar features in your new homes.  We’ve developed 3 ideas that we think will build a fire under your home shoppers:
  1. Put your model home kitchen to use! Organize a weekend bbq event and invite your home shoppers with automated emails.  Highlight the menu; provide recipes! Use your CRM system to make this happen! 
  2. Leverage the event with a Social Media event hashtag (think something clever like #GetYourCommunityNameBBQOn).  It probably doesn’t make sense to invite people with your social media hashtags but… why not run a contest asking if the ribs recipe is preferred over one featuring tri-tip or whether Arnold Palmer drinks are more popular than sweet tea?
  3. Post photos after the event on social media — and put your Social Media Wall to use.  Everyone enjoys seeing people having fun — why not in your outdoor living space?  Let your home shoppers see what buying a new home in your community offers as a lifestyle. 
Don’t have a Social Media Wall?  Need some help finding a CRM system that will send automated emails (with recipes and great-looking photos!!)?  All of us at CPS can help you!

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