3 Housing Must Have’s for Boomers — with Marketing Solutions!

3 Housing Must Have’s for Boomers — with Marketing Solutions!

Baby Boomers are a diverse demographic but, says a recent MultiFamily Executive article, they’re a generation that’s never planned to slow down.

That diversity has tended to suggest Boomers aren’t a “one size fits all” target market.  However, it appears there are some things almost all Boomers gravitate towards — a “wish list trifecta” according to Brian Hoffman of Red Seal Homes.

Here’s the trifecta — and a couple of marketing ideas as to how to communicate with your Boomer audience:

Let your audience explore the neighborhood — virtually!

(1) Walkable Locations — the key, says architect Amit Price Patel, is housing’s proximity to enough locations to meet their needs and enable them to stay healthy and spend less time driving.

Marketing solution: We’re basically talking location, location, location — with a twist! Why not put an interactive touchscreen system in your sales office allowing your prospects to virtually walk the new neighborhood?  Take a tour of the neighborhood, drop in at local restaurants and find out what is the favorite dish!

(2) Versatile Floor plans — Many Boomers are ready to give up their large, suburban homes once the kids move out but … they aren’t always willing to settle for significantly smaller square footage because they don’t want to reduce their furnishings. There’s an interest in flexible space, storage spaces and room features.

Use an iPad to mix/match options; drag/drop furniture, too

Marketing solution: Take advantage of a SalesTouch interactive touchscreen’s ability to mix/match structural options to meet individual buyer’s needs.  Let your buyer decide whether they want the 5-piece bathroom or the extra bedroom — and give them the ability to drag/drop furniture into their designed floor plan!

(3) Amenity Riches — Boomers, according to MFE, aren’t interested in rocking chairs! They want their new community packed with possibilities — exercise rooms, proximity to trails and parks, pools, party rooms, concierge services.

Let your community introduce amenities!

Marketing solution: Make these amenities come to life via a well-designed interactive touchscreen system.  Let consumers browse the neighborhood, take a peek in the gym and learn more about your concierge services.  The information is at their finger tips!

CPS offers SalesTouch, an interactive touchscreen system used in sales and leasing centers, to virtually browse, explore and try on floorplans, neighborhoods and amenities.  And, Boomers love the ability to zero-in on the features of particular interest to them!

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