2016: The Year for Consumer-Generated Content!

2016: The Year for Consumer-Generated Content!

The voice of the consumer, according to bazaarvoice’s Social Trends Report, continues to rise as the most powerful and trusted content by shoppers.

Customer Comment Board asks for feedback & delivers CGC

Consumer-generated content (CGC) was once called word-of-mouth!  You might recall “sleeper” movies that became blockbusters based on viewers telling their friends.

Today, CGC has grown and extended to include photos, videos, questions, chats and more.  It’s transformed into a powerful, trusted and essential form of communication between the public and businesses.

CPS’ Customer Comment Board provides on-topic information to shoppers (current ads, video and Tweets) and actively solicits shopper content via comments and staff recommendations.

Social Media Wall invites conversation!

It is a visually engaging wall of information and allows businesses to get some quality insights into their products, service and customer objectives.

Did you know nearly 75% of all Internet users are active on social channels today?  They’re sharing opinions, ideas, thoughts and pieces of their lives.  As a result, consumer creation and sharing of product-related photos is skyrocketing.  Over 100 million photos are posted to Instagram and Twitter each day!  CPS’ Social Media Wall integrates social content and copy into a traditional marketing mix of images and copy — curated, of course!

The voice of the consumer has never been stronger — and the intersection of CGC and traditional marketing is seen as the future of social commerce online.

Interested in finding out more? CPS will be at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas, Jan 19-21 — Booth C2956 — and Social Media Wall is a Best of IBS Awards Finalist!

Contact CPS and ask how you can incorporate CGC in your sales center or retail location.

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